School Ethos & Vision

St Bartholomew’s is a small and friendly school with a caring Christian ethos. Everyone knows each other, and every child is valued and nurtured. New children are warmly welcomed into our school family and settle in quickly. The staff are positive and approachable, and recognise the unique needs of each child. Our children come from a wide variety of social and cultural backgrounds, and they all enjoy their school experience and thrive in this caring atmosphere.


We provide an exciting learning environment where outstanding teaching ensures that all children make rapid progress, whatever their ability. Specialist teachers and teaching assistants provide extension opportunities for the more able and learning support programmes for those who need extra help. The classrooms are spacious and well resourced, displaying the children’s work for everyone to admire. We meet regularly with families to discuss how each child is progressing and to explain the next steps in their learning.


St Bartholomew’s is a vibrant community full of opportunities for every child to develop their special talents. The children enjoy a wide variety of free after school clubs and a range of exciting school trips. The Breakfast Club and after school childcare are popular, and the school is active in the local community.


Working together through Christ we seek to enable our children to become valuable members of society. Our aim is to bring out the best in every child by providing an outstanding modern education for each of them. We seek to nurture our children to be respectful, tolerant and thoughtful towards others and confident in themselves. We seek to help them acquire the knowledge and skills relevant to their future lives. 


We are a Christian School and this is at the heart of all that we seek to achieve. It is a Church of England School and so we learn in a Christian atmosphere and we teach about and worship within the Anglican tradition. Our hope is that this will support the children as they develop an understanding of themselves, each other and the world around them. Our values of having respect, being tolerant, caring for one another, being confident and loving being a learner are at the centre of all that we try to achieve at our school.