Quiz answers and winners!

End of year quiz!

Kitten update!
Angles, Esio Trot & Stonehenge with Chongguang!
Masie's Esio Trot comprehension & kitten advice!

Mr B's new kitten, age 2 months!

Esio Trot, part 5

Esio Trot, part 6
Masie's writing, tortoise art & kitchen creativity!
Chongguang's comprehension, yoga & a trip to Bateman's Garden!
Around the globe with Louis!
Louis's photo alphabet. Each photo is a letter - can you see why?

Esio Trot, part 3

Esio Trot, part 4

Esio Trot, part 1

Esio Trot, part 2

Mr B's lightning Maths lesson!

Escapology from Louis (& fam!)

Chase the Joker with Louis's amazing stop frame animation!

Masie's dog has a lockdown party!

Megan's boogie time with the fam!

Chongguang showing off his supernatural talents!

And now the Evening News, read by Tamia!

Chongguang's secret identity... Owlboy!